About Us


Our Mission is to organize online stores worldwide and to enable online shoppers to discover and obtain relevant information on stores that meet their needs and desires.

Organizing the online stores

Even before you search, maatus organizes information about stores. maatus is like a shopping mall, except it contains more stores than all the world's malls put together.

How maatus Search works

maatus knows what makes stores interesting and what has naturally attracted people to visit and purchase from them. Every time you search, maatus uses this knowledge to pick the best selection to present in its search results.

Efficiently matching your search

maatus search algorithms sort through hundreds of thousands of stores in our search engine to find the most relevant, useful results for what you are looking for.

Presenting results in helpful ways

To help you choose the best stores, maatus provides results with specifically useful information on the online stores. This includes information on: free shipping, easy returns, next day delivery, price range, and delivery locations.

We may sell ads but not search results

While advertisers may pay to be displayed in marked sections of the page, no stores can buy superior placement in the search results.

Always stimulating your shopping experience

We know there are always new stores opening. That's why we spend time every day reviewing new stores, conducting thousands of reviews every year, formulating stimulating shopping, resulting in new shopping experiences every day.

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