Finding the right stores online

According to data from the US Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, eCommerce has been growing steadily over the past decade. Every year people do more and more of their shopping online. The global pandemic has made this trend significantly more prominent since people rely more heavily on online retailers due to lock-down orders. At this rate, eCommerce is trending to experience the largest year-over-year percentage increase in its share of the total retail market in its history.

In other words, people are shopping more online and eCommerce is growing and will continue to grow. People are becoming more comfortable with the whole process of online shopping. As it becomes a more normal part of their daily life and also because the pandemic has pushed people to shop online for things they didn't think to before. People are realizing that almost everything they need can now be found online and purchased and delivered straight to their door.

At the same time, now more than ever, people are conscious of the impact their actions have on the world at large. We want a positive change in the world during and after the pandemic instead of just a "return to normal".

However, it is not always easy to know where to go online to find what we are looking for, and when we find it, how do we know if it is the best place to buy or if we should buy at all? This New York Times article highlights the dilemma many people face when shopping online: People wonder what is the impact of their purchases when taken end-to-end through production, storage, processing, packaging, and delivery.

Ultimately, it is not always an option to just not shop, especially now that people are confined indoors so they must have their purchases delivered, and when stimulating the economy is forefront in people's minds.

The solution is to shop smarter. Research different retailers and think about how to "buy better". All this starts with finding all available options, those online stores you might not know about or didn't think existed or delivered to you.

Maatus aims to help people facing situations such as this. Select your country and search for what you are looking for, Maatus will find reliable stores that deliver to your country giving you the opportunity to find new stores and providing you with important details such as highlighting Sustainable stores, indication of free delivery, easy returns and next day delivery. All so you can make the best decisions.